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Soy Wax PLUS (Only an ADDITIVE)_1kg

Soy Wax PLUS (Only an ADDITIVE)

₹ 225
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10 kg

Pure and high-quality Soya Wax Flakes manufactured from Hydrogenated Soyabean oil.

An additive of natural origin, compatible for mixtures with beeswax, paraffin, slack wax and microcrystalline waxes that helps to increase the hardness and melting point of your mixture. Ideal for scented and decorative candles.

This product is too soft for pillar candles or other free-standing candles. It should be mixed with other harder waxes to achieve the desired hardness for candles. Kindly note this product to be used only max 5-10% in wax blend and note more than that since this is an additive to increase hardness and melting point.

It is available in flake form with excellent oxidative stability and finds application in eco-friendly candles.

If used without additives, make sure to heat your wax a little longer at the suggested pour temperatures to help eliminate pit marks.

  • Pouring temperature: 70 to 75 Deg C
  • Fragrance load: 3% to 10% 
  • Melting point: Approx. 65 Deg C

Product code: Wax Plus 091 SBO - 636

Made in INDIA by AAK

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